Gregg County Tax Office Jurisdiction

Gregg County Tax Office collects ONLY for the following entities and payments should be mailed to Gregg County Tax Office. (Gregg County Courthouse, P. O. Box 1431, Longview, TX 75606)

 Gregg County

 County Road and Bridge 

 City of Longview 

 Longview ISD

 City of Lakeport

 Gregg Rural Fire District

 City of Clarksville

 City of White

 Oak White Oak ISD

 Sabine ISD

 City of Easton

 City of Kilgore

 Kilgore ISD

 Kilgore College

 Spring Hill ISD

City of Gladewater, Gladewater ISD and Warren City payments mail to Gladewater Tax Office (P O Box 1688, Gladewater, TX 75647).

Pine Tree ISD payments mail to Pine Tree ISD, Attention Tax Office, (P O Box 5878, Longview, TX 75608).